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The International Council for the Preservation of Monuments and Sights (ICOMOS) is an international organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of cultural and historical sites around the world. ICOMOS was founded in 1965 after the adoption of the Venice Charter in 1964. The Council evaluates the objects proposed for the UN World Heritage List inclusion.

The Athens Conference on the Restoration of Cultural Monuments convened by the International Museum Council was the predecessor of ICOMOS. The term “World Heritage” was introduced by Athens Charter in 1931. The Second Congress of Architects and Specialists for the Protection of Historical Monuments of 1964, held in Venice, adopted 13 resolutions. The first resolution, known as the Venice Charter, ratified the International Charter for the Preservation and Restoration of Monuments and Historical Sites, as part of the second resolution proposed by UNESCO - the ICOMOS organization itself was established, the main task of which was the Venice Charter doctrines implementations.

To date, ICOMOS has more than 9,500 members from 110 countries. Monument conservation professionals participate in ICOMOS activities through their National Committees. Each member of the Council, with rare exceptions, has qualifications in the field of cultural heritage preservation: architecture, landscape design, archaeology, urban planning, engineering, administration of cultural heritage, art history, archives, etc. The Council is headquartered in Paris.

The ICOMOS system contains various thematic research committees established within its structure.

The ICOMOS National Committee, Russia was accredited by ICOMOS International in October 2016 at the General Assembly in Istanbul. Currently, more than 350 people from all regions of the Russian Federation have become members of NC ICOMOS, Russia.

ICOMOS, Russia provides comprehensive support to "denkmal, Russia - Moscow" as a patron and professional expert, and also officially acts as the organizer of the event.
LMI, Leipziger Messe International GmbH
LMI - Leipziger Messe International GmbH was founded in 1990 as an exhibition marketing company.

The LMI team works in close cooperation with leading experts in various spheres to meet not only the its customers’ requirements, but also the special conditions of the international market. The company offers a full range of services: concept development, building communication processes for project implementation, project launch, logistics, final phase and evaluation of projects on terminal stages of development.

LMI organizes Germany's official participation in international exhibitions, develops and launches its own projects abroad, focusing on the regions of Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

Since the first “denkmal” exhibit held Leipzig, the range of topics related to the preservation of cultural heritage has become one of the main competencies of LMI. The event itself has become one the leading European exhibitions focused on the protection of monument restoration. China Heritage Preservation International, the international exhibition on monument protection, restoration and museum equipment, is another key project of the company.

The Leipzig GmbH Fair has been organizing the leading European exhibition on monument protection, restoration and rehabilitation of ancient buildings "denkmal" in Leipzig since 1994. Russia has been a key partner of the event, actively participating in the exhibition and business program ever since the first event. Based on this experience, LMI holds an international exhibition on the protection of cultural heritage, restoration and museum equipment "denkmal, Russia - Moscow" every two years, being a significant industry event in the country.
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